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I’m now within 24 hours of getting on a plane and heading for NYC for the Lucky Ginger Studio debut at the National Stationery Show.

All of the old pre-show anxieties are bubbling to the surface:

  • Will the flight be on time?
  • Will my crate be there when I get to the booth?
  • How much hassle will dealing with the electricians be this time?
  • Who are my neighbors? How fun will they be? (and do they manufacture anything that makes sound – like the Singing Snowman that drove us insane in Atlanta in 2000?)
  • How will show traffic be?
  • Are attendees coming to buy or just browse/have an excuse to come to Manhattan?

I’ll be fine once I get to the Javits Center, lay eyes on my crate, start unpacking and get the electrical stuff out of the way.

Traffic is up on my web site, and I see that much of the referral traffic is from the show management’s site and new direct traffic is spiking from targeted areas that got my pre-show postcards.

Fingers are crossed that people will come to the booth and write some orders  – despite the gloom and doom retail numbers news from yesterday.

I put faith in the fact that money is still changing hands (and as my former boss Doug Kline would say, “We just have to get in the way of it”) and people are always looking for something new.


Hoping to get in the way of some money!

Hoping to get in the way of some money!