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So, if you read Ten Motivations (Part I),  you know I am fighting off my creative demons.

Tonight, I conquered Procrastination & Avoidance.

Becca bugged out of darkroom tonight (late night at the office – plausible. understandable. forgivable.).

I get it. I had a busy day, too, filled with an inordinate amount of windshield time in between some very productive meetings with clients for my “real” job, and I was tired.

So………it would have been really, really easy to park my junky tail on the couch and watch HOURS of “Clean House” (Hello? Of COURSE it matters how the messiest house in America is faring one year after the dramatic make-over!) – ESPECIALLY since my #3 Motivation: Peer Pressure (a.k.a. Becca) was MIA.

But then my English major/gerbil-wheeling brain spoke up.

“There’s a fine line between being a photographer and a faux-tographer,” it mused.

I don’t want to be a photographer in name only, so I slid on down to the basement.

Becca: it’s just as well you weren’t here for the initial descent. The cobwebs and dead spiders and the crud in the two trays that we forgot to flip over after the last session (which was on April 21, btw) – well, you would have been very disturbed.

OxyClean works miracles.

Order was quickly restored. 

I had a productive, creative evening.

I didn’t feel like I got hit with the “stupid stick,” as we like to say (you know…when you turn on the lights when you have undeveloped paper out….or you forget to bring the negatives you want to print…or you expose an image to the wrong side of the paper…or you dodge when you should have burned…or you forget whether you’re on your first or second minute in the developer).

Made some beautiful prints.

Thought about how I will commence the New Project in the morning.

Emerged refreshed and recharged…….even after a long day.

It’s almost like exercise: sometimes you don’t want to go because you’re tired, but in the end – if you push through Procrastination and tell Avoidance to take a hike, well – then *surprise!* you end up feeling re-energized. Weird, but true.


Tonight’s Darkroom Soundtrack (Top 5 Selections):

1. Canned Heat (Jamiroquai)

2. New York New York (Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five)

3. More Than This (Roxy Music)

4. Major Tom [Voellig Losgeloest] (Peter Schilling) (yes, the German version)

5. Genius of Love (Tom Tom Club)