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Admission: I TOTALLY lifted this topic from Becca, who wrote about the same subject.

But (oh, this is so photographer-y): same subject, different angle.

The gist of Becca’s article was she was in a quandry over what to take with her on vacation.


My response was that I take two cameras with me when I’m on the road: my Canon AE-1 (and only the normal lens) for black & white photography and my Canon digital camera for “cheat” shots and color images.

a) I can’t stand lugging a ton of stuff with me.

b) Sometimes, we’re traveling in places where lugging a bunch of equipment would invite unwelcome attention.

c) Thank GOD I shoot film and digital. Last year, when I was in Italy and Greece, my digital camera dumped four days’ worth of work (I later got close to 50% of the images recovered, but – still – I lost some images of some very remote, very beautiful places). I love the “security” of film.

Am curious to know what the Photographers in the Blogosphere travel with. Comments?