…sing of summer days so free!

Kehonka: Singing Goose

Kehonka: Singing Goose

Never fails: when it’s summer, the former Camp Kehonka “flock” comes out in full force, looking for an essence, a piece, a memory of the camp we loved so much.

I recently posted Bally’s Thumbnail Code for a Good Life, and sure enough – it pulled some Kehonka girls out of the woodwork.

Someone was looking for lyrics to the songs we sang. I have a copy, so if you want a PDF, e-mail me and let me know.

To the Girls

To the girls we’ll not forget them, through the years that lie ahead.
To Kehonka where we met them, and the wonderful times we’ve had.
The singing and the tripping, the rain on tent tops dripping.
The sailing and the paddling of canoes. 
The laughter after Taps, when we thought we’d all collapse..
Memories we’ll never lose.
So a toast to the past, a toast to the future and let there be no sorrow.
Remember when the sun goes down, it returns with a bright tomorrow.


Camp Kehonka: Spectacular sunset over moorings (photo: Roy Ballentine)

Camp Kehonka: Spectacular sunset over moorings (photo: Roy Ballentine)


8/17/09 update: I resurrected the ashes of the former kehonka.com site. Please visit www.kehonka.wordpress.com if you care to see All Things Kehonka…….