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I am having a pretty good show at “Jingle on the James“*…I just never know in advance what’s going to sell.

Hot sellers yesterday:  the Champagne magnets (sold OUT! ugh! NOW WHAT?!), calendars, bag tags.

 I didn’t sell any framed art yesterday, but this is my theory:

  • It’s Christmas time.
  • People are shopping for other people’s gifts.
  • People are not likely to buy wall art to give as a gift.
  • People want to buy wall art for themselves.
  • People remind themselves that they are out shopping for other people’s gifts. Therefore: they take their wants out of the shopping equation and buy Champagne magnets, calendars and bag tags…for other people.

*and by “good show” – I’m using my 2008 Bizarre Bazaar sales by comparison. I’m not killing it by any means (e.g.: not ready to quit my day job!). That being said: traffic is good (excellent promo work, Tyler!!), stuff is selling.