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Sometimes, you simply get inspired to go with the flow.

Laurel Gallery, one of my wholesale clients, offers classes taught by assorted craftsmen. Jewelery making has long been on my so-called “bucket list,” so when I was in the the gallery on a sales call in February, I took the plunge and signed up for a dichroic glass class taught by fused glass artisan Nancy Giere.

The class was this weekend, and while my pendants are still enjoying their final round of fire-polishing in the kiln and are not yet in my hands, I felt compelled to hop on here to share my excitement for my new artistic attempt.

What’s that quote? “Life begins where your comfort zone ends.”  I was in unchartered waters, but I was enjoying every minute of it.

Nancy mentioned that there is an application by which you can incorporate photographic images to the glass. Naturally – I am interested in pursuing that angle, to somehow tie this new offshoot back to the core of the Studio.

I’m also eager to photograph the end results. Graphically – there are some potentially interesting candidates that may find their way onto a card or a bookmark. Stay tuned!