Given that we just rang in 2011…and we’re all hyped up about how this year we are going to make the best use of our time, I thought I would take some time to discuss time.

Ancient Greeks had two concepts of time: kronos (or “chronos”) and kairos.

Kronos is the kind of time to which most of us are bound: chronological time, scheduled time, “as the grains of sand pass through the hourglass/so are the ‘days of our lives'” time.

Kairos is a qualitative, not quantitative, kind of time. Some of you recognize it as the sensation you feel when you’re on vacation. I frame it as a blissful state where your internal clock and higher self guide you to do whatever you feel like doing whenever it feels right to do it, clocks be damned. Tired? Go to sleep. Feel refreshed? Get up. Want to putter around the house? Great. Go for it. How about going for a run? Knock yourself out. Driven to create something at this very moment? Who cares if you’re up with the sun? Just go with the flow. You can always nap later.

Kronos  and I parted ways for three weeks last month, and I miss my kairos time acutely.

An aspiration I have for 2011 (right…no resolutions, just aspirations) is for me to discover a way to incorporate a little bit of kairos into my world on a daily basis. I have workaholic tendencies that I would like to tame. I aspire to balance my insanely compulsive urge to complete EVERYTHING on my to-do list with a desire to “drift” a bit each day. I realize that in order to have the sensation that I have more time, I may need to make some different choices in terms of how I spend it.

How do you work kairos into your world? Just curious.