This is sort of a Part Deux to my recent post about qualitative v. quantitative  time.

I subscribe to Luann Udell’s blog, and her most recent post is about how you can turn on your “creative” lights.

The article resonated with me because I constantly struggle with feeling like I can never get it all done. Part of the reason I can’t do it all is because I make some really non-productive choices in how I spend some of my time. 

Luann’s posit, in a nutshell, is that you must identify your desired outcome, and then you must assess whether or not what you’re doing is getting you any closer to that realization.

To spark her writing outlet, she is more likely to get going if she tends to her morning pages, a la Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way rather than noodling around online (uh, like I do…every morning…on Facebook!).

Anyway: it gave me some food for thought as I refine my kairos time selections into the reality of my kronos obligations. I will start my Facebook Diet today!!