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Things I Don’t Enjoy Photographing:
(basically anything that involves people or things that move and/or talk to me)

Things I Love Photographing:
Anything Travel-Related
Anything Floral or Garden-Related
(essentially anything that lays there and doesn’t sass me)
So, it came as a great honor – and interest – when my friend/former Glassmasters boss Doug Kline recently asked me to photograph some jewelry for him.

Doug owns Museum Masterworks, which creates reproductions for museums and cultural institutions throughout the U.S., such as the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC), The Museum of Fine Arts – Boston, the New York Public Library and the National Cathedral.

Doug’s headed off to the Museum Store Association (MSA) conference & show, which will be in New Orleans from April 14-16, 2012. At that show, he’ll be introducing two new jewelry items, based on “Wedding Rings,” a sculpture that Glassmasters’ sister company Alva (later Stonemasters) once offered.

Here are some photos of the sterling silver/lapis pendant and coordinating earrings. They’re going to be perfect wedding and anniversary gifts…..love them!

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You can photograph jewelry in any number of ways, but this “look” is a result of utilizing controlled light (e.g. a photo cube and appropriately-place lighting).

Things that make photographing jewelry easier:
– a tripod
– photo cube
– good lighting (note: I have photographed jewelry without said cube and lights; if you have a white sweep and some good natural light, you can get some very creative effects, too)
– acrylic stands and/or jewelry forms
– prop wax (ahh…a little “magic” goes a long way)
– a camera with correct white balance settings (this is where things can get funked up a bit, depending on the type of light source you’re using. If what you’re shooting looks too yellow or too blue, check your white balance and correct accordingly. Trust me. I’ve messed it up enough times, and what you correct on the front end will save you oodles of time in post-production).

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