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This is one of the shrubs I “inherited” when I purchased my house six years ago, and it made the cut (note: the prior owner mistook his low-maintenance yard for a “no-maintenance” yard…..oh.my.word. Holy Overgrown Border, Batman! A lot of dead and dying things had to be removed).

I’m all for plants that thrive on neglect (my Darwinist tendencies dictate plant selection), and this one is a winner. It’s nestled in a corner of the back garden, and it requires little more than a bit of cutting back every now and then.

I think part of the reason I love it so much is the flowers remind me of hydrangeas. That being said: they are much more delicate than hydrangea blooms. Bring a branch in the house, and you may as well make sure your hand-vac is charged and ready to be pressed into service. Cut viburnum drops petals faster than you can say “Zone 7A”.

Enjoy 😉