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My Sarah Bernhardts

You say “Pee-YO-nees.”

I say “PEE-o-nees.”

Love love LOVE this perennial flower: the soft petals, the sweet fragrance, the lovely color.

I got some pass-alongs from a friend years ago and then lost them in the dee-vorce. When I replanted myself in my current home, I subsequently “inherited” a peony plant from the prior owner, who inexplicably had it planted in a really weird place in the yard. It got transplanted…successfully, I might add (unlike any butterfly bush I’ve ever attempted to relocate…), and I got it some companions.

Mine are due for division and re-setting this fall. I’m reworking the bed in front of the house, so I’ll be sure to include them, as they’ll give a nice show from the street.

Things Peonies Like:

  • Full sun (minimum: half day!)
  • To be planted not too deep (the “eyes” should be visible…if you sink them too far in the ground, they won’t flower)
  • To be divided periodically in the fall. Keep 3-5 eyes per clump
  • Staking. These guys get big and floppy. Help them stand strong!