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Beginning of “Endless Summer”

Warning: this is probably the first of a zillion hydrangea posts. In my world, you can never have too many of them: Nikko blues, “Endless Summer,” oakleaf, variegated, climbing……..I’ve got them all…in multiples. In fact, I am building hedges and drifts of them around the yard.

I prefer blue macrophyllas, so I make sure their habitat is plenty acidic (want pink blooms? You need to have alkaline soil conditions).

I also like a long bloom-time, so while the Nikko blue will always be near and dear to my heart, “Endless Summer” keeps the party going all summer long.

What Hydrangea Like:

  • Morning sun, afternoon shade (though, I have broken that rule. It took a lot more “babying” to get them established)
  • Water (the “Hydro” in hydrangea…): they will droop and be sad if they do not have adequate moisture
  • Well-drained soil. Who wants to rot in place?
  • To be transplanted when they are dormant (no leaves!)
  • To NOT be planted under trees (you don’t want your shrub and tree to duke it out over water)