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Happy Memorial Day!

For those of you who know a bit about  me, you know that I go through a lot of effort to source products that are made here in the U.S.A. when it comes to designing new items for the studio, whether it’s glue, packaging, paper or what have you.

Playing around with the resin this weekend, for example, was quite the challenge. Made-in-America epoxy resin is readily available. That wasn’t the problem. I was thinking in terms of production: what if this concept takes off? How can I handle volume orders? That sort of thing. I can’t tell you how much time I searched, but the bottom line is: every pre-cast resin cabochon or resin sticker or glass cabochon or glass tile out there is….not from here.

So, I’ll cast my own.

Lucky Ginger Studio – image (c) Cheryl Shanahan

Every product I dream up, I invariably hit several walls before I find a solution. Walking through craft supply stores is like a crazy scavenger hunt that’s both terrifying (in terms of what we DON’T make here…take a good look next time you’re in Michaels or Hobby Lobby or similar stores.) and thrilling (who knew that we still make paper clips and beer bottle caps?!).

Why is it so important for me that my line be 100% American-made?

Other than the desire to put out a beautiful, quality product, the obvious fact remains that American-made products also put Americans to work. Period. End of story. That should be important to all of us and our economy.

The studio was recently featured on the By America For America blog. Click here to read more.

Let’s support the home team when we can, shall we?