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…the old-fashioned way! With an actual thank you note!

Lucky Ginger Studio: “Hydrangea” flat note (c) Cheryl Shanahan

Call me crazy, but I like getting REAL mail from REAL people!

“But everybody just e-mails nowadays. Don’t you know ANYTHING?” you’re thinking to yourself……

There appears to be a bit of a groundswell on the “real mail” front. In the past two weeks, I’ve encountered two different companies that offer thank-you card services (sign up, pick your design, the fulfillment company prints it, signs it, addresses it…and off it goes). I’m not offering THAT (though, I bet I could make a cool fortune if I offered to do people’s Christmas cards for them), but I want to broaden the studio offerings with some new flat cards.

This is an example of what I designed the other day when I was noodling around on the computer. As always, it incorporates one of my photos (this is one of my “Endless Summer” hydrangeas from out in the back yard) with (new for me!) fresh graphics.

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