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…and by “Geraniums,” I am writing of the annual kind that I lovingly shove in pots and containers each spring….the Pelargonium, I believe.

Any given spring, I have them in 6-10 planters so I can spread the cheer around the garden. My planter “strategy” comes from Steve Bender, the gardening editor at Southern Living: select a filler, a spiller and a thriller (in other words: something bushy, something that will drape over the edge of the container, and something tall and spiky). The geranium makes for great filler (and let’s be honest: the color is a bit of a thrill). I also love any plant that can bloom from spring until the first frost.

Once again, I have chosen PINK as the featured flower color. No great surprise. My garden palette is pink, purple/blue, and white with touches of yellow. I have a secret garden, though, which is filled with white and red flowers: the reds are geraniums, set in a mulch of white pea gravel. Oh, yeah…they are stunning. You can find geraniums in a wide variety of colors and shades of pink, red, salmon and white.


What Geraniums Like:

  • Sun. Oh, sure – you can get by with a little shade, but you won’t have as many blooms
  • Rich soil
  • Soil that drains well (see? this is why they are great in containers….)
  • To not be planted too deeply (put crown of plant as same level as the ground…don’t bury it!)
  • To be kept moist – but don’t drown them
  • To be dead-headed for continual blooming