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Echinacea (c) Cheryl Shanahan

Birds, bees and butterflies love it….almost as much as I do!

This native perennial, also known as “coneflower”, is not only pretty and blooms from June-October, but once established, it is drought-tolerant, which makes it perfect for the oven-like conditions that my yard currently offers.

It grows to 3-4′ tall (though, there are some dwarf varieties available) and makes for excellent cut flowers. You can start them from see or (be lazy like me) buy plants from your favorite nursery. Like the black-eyed Susan, their seed heads are favored by birds for food (I fight back my OCD-tendency to want to cut back the mess).

Companion plants? Mine are planted next to the lavender, “Stella d’Oro” daylilies and “Eva Cullum” summer phlox. Daisies and black-eyed Susan are nearby.

These little guys can take the heat of the day in stride. I’ll be working them into my front yard planting plan (Yes! Big installation coming this fall!).

What Echinacea Likes:

  • Full sun (will tolerate partial shade)
  • Drier, well-drained soil
  • To have the weeds kept away from it
  • To be divided in the fall every 3-4 years