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© Cheryl Shanahan

A. Sorry I fell off the “Floral Friday” bandwagon. Life briefly got in the way of these posts.

B. Tips for growing orchids? I’ve got none. Hell – it’s damn near a miracle that these even bloomed.

A friend gave me this plant two years ago, despite my constant and gentle reminders that I am a certified orchid-killer.

I don’t have a great spot to put them indoors, so the three orchids I have struggle through the winter. Each week, I throw a few ice cubes on them to “water” them and say a little prayer that they’ll make it to the next steamy Virginia summer.

Once we get on the other side of Memorial Day, it’s usually like Jurassic Park outside here, and I send the orchids to “summer camp,”  e.g. put them by the hammock on a very wobbly table that gets some indirect sun.

This is photographic proof that miracles do happen…………..I can’t take credit for any of this!