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Nasturtiums © Cheryl Shanahan

These are pretty + tasty!

The flowers, which are easy to start from seed, are edible – as are the leaves. So – if urban gardening or living off the land in general is your thing: these might be a useful addition to your garden bed.

There are creeping (not creepy) as well as climbing varieties, and these flowers come in a variety of gem-tones, from the traditional orange to yellows, pinks and reds.

What nasturtiums like:

  • Start from seed – and sow directly into the ground (warm soil, please!) or put in peat pots to prevent transplant shock
  • Neglect (sort of!): don’t over-water – and don’t fertilize, as this causes the plant to put more energy into producing foliage instead of pretty flowers
  • Full sun
  • To be covered up if there is danger of frost!