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Sedum “Neon” – image (c) Cheryl Shanahan

Ahhhhhhh….another fall favorite, not only of MINE, but of butterflies and bees, who are happy to alight on these vividly colored florets when everything else seems to have shut down and gone to seed.

I inherited a patch of “Autumn Joy” sedum (or, stonecrop) from the prior owner. It has a bit more of a salmon-colored tinge to the blooms than “Neon,” but it’s not any less vigorous or fuss-free. I have divided and redivided “Autumn Joy” several times in the past six years, and I’m about to do it again when I divide it and move some to the front yard, which I am redesigning.

The above “Neon” came from a neighbor a few blocks away. She said the more direct sun it gets, the more neon in color the foliage gets.

S. telephium eventually dies down, but early in the spring, emerging little green knobs are among the first signs of winter’s impending doom.

What sedum likes:

  • sun (bring it!)
  • heat (bring it!)
  • humidity (ha! this plant laughs in the face of moisture!)
  • to spread. Space 18-24″ apart (or, you’ll be dividing and relocating it often….like I do!)