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Day  One of my second show of this holiday season. A few observations:

  1. Adult beverages should be served at all craft shows and the like. First, they help to loosen wallets. Secondly, they help to loosen the husbands in tow (or as I like to call them…the “show Sherpas”
  2. People in northern Virginia like things with flamingoes on them (Richmond peeps….why no love for the funny-looking pink critter?)
  3. People in northern Virginia admit they are winos (at least the ones who are buying my wine journals and cellar tags admit it, and they say it is because they work for the government and that drives them to drink).
  4. The mood is generally upbeat (yay!) but folks are shopping with a list of folks in mind. Cash is king. No reckless spending (see item 1).
  5. There are several new artisans here at the Northern Virginia Christmas Market (thanks to Hurricane Sandy, which wiped out show venues to the north). We are sorry for the circumstance under which they got here, but are happy to have them as part of the exhibitor mix.