Life is certainly never boring, and while I don’t ever think life is “in the way,” life certainly gets busy. New opportunities unfold, and old paths get overgrown…or outgrown…or are no longer needed.

Life is good…very good for me…so, when I say I am in the process of winding down the studio, please don’t think that it is a sad thing.

The studio’s cycle is coming to a close. That’s just how some things roll in my world. They start. They stop. Their finale yields space…space for which new things can take root and bloom.

Today, I migrated my creative outlet to WEAFTInG, which will be a happy repository for all the things that interest me(Wine, Entertaining, Art, Food, Travel, Interiors, n Gardening).

I invite you to follow the new blog or find WEAFTInG on Facebook.

Thank you for support of Lucky Ginger Studio. I hope we can continue our conversation together on WEAFTInG.